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Outside Catering menu and facilities available and you can order from our blog easily.

Mediterranean Night - Royal Oak Pub Mellor Saturday the 6th of July 2013 (7) Urla Bakery - Urla Firini ve Unlu Mamulleri (19) Karniyarik1

Aubergine Stew

Aubergine Stew

Shaka Bar Restaurant Fethiye Turkey (22)

Recipe for Cevizli Ezme - Walnut Dip

Recipe for Cevizli Ezme – Walnut Dip

Aubergine Dip - Patlican Ezme

Aubergine Dip – Patlican Ezme

Then add extra virgin olive oil and mix all the ingredients again.

Then add extra virgin olive oil and mix all the ingredients again.

We provide freshly cooked, healthy, home made Turkish & Mediterranean food for any events, parties, weddings, summer balls and picnics.

We offer you our Unique Blend of Quality, Value and Service for your function, no matter how big or small it may be. We are totally committed to ensuring that your buffet is prepared to the highest standards and we are here to meet your individual requirements.

Training Courses, Business lunches, Conferences, Seminars, Weddings, Christenings Funerals, Bar-B-Q’s, Car Launches, Themed & Diversity events are our speciality.

A delicious ready-to-eat menu from our starter ( meze ) selection will be delivered direct to your venue or office or you can collect your order from our premise.

Our menu is inspired by the Middle East and Turkish tradition of “meze” a selection of small dishes similar to Spanish tapas and we serve a large selection of vegetarian and vegan dishes as well as meat and seafood dishes.

Give us a call to discuss your requirements and take a look at our starter (meze) menu to view the choices.

Turkish Meze Menu: ( Minimum Order £ 30.00 )

Humus (Puréed chickpeas, tahini, garlic, freshly squeezed lemon juice, with a hint of cumin) 400 Gram £ 7.50

Yogurtlu Patlican (v) – Aubergine in Yoghurt ( Grilled aubergines, yoghurt, olive oil, lemon and garlic ) 400 gr £ 7.50

Yogurtlu Kabak (v) – Courgette in Yoghurt ( Fried courgette, yoghurt, olive oil, fresh mint and garlic.)  400 gr £ 7.50

Yogurtlu Havuc (v) – Caramelised Organic Carrot in Yoghurt ( Caramelised grated carrots, yoghurt, olive oil, sunflower oil with garlic and a hint of paprika.) 400 gr £ 7,50

Cacik (v) – Turkish Tzatziki ( Grated cucumbers in yoghurt, lemon, fresh mint, dill, mayonnaise and garlic. ) 400 gr £ 7,50

Yogurtlu Ispanak (v) – Spinach in Yoghurt  ( Spinach, yoghurt, garlic, olive oil, onions )  400 gr £ 7,50

Pancar Salatasi (v) – Beetroot in Yoghurt ( Beetroot, yoghurt, garlic, vinegar, mayonnaise, gherkins ) 400 gr £ 7,50

Cerkes Tavugu ( v ) – ( Shredded chicken with walnut dip )  400 gr £8.00

Haydari (v) – Cheese and Yoghurt dip ( Yoghurt blended with feta cheese, mint, dill and garlic. ) 400 gr £ 8.50

Dolma (v) – Stuffed Vine Leaves ( Rice, onions, spices, olive oil, stuffed and rolled in vine leaves . ) 400 gr £ 8.00

Zeytinyagli Bakla (vg) – Broad Beans and Artichoke ( Broad beans cooked with artichoke and onions in olive oil with fresh dill.) 400 gr £ 8.00

Zeytinyagli Kabak (vg) – Courgette in olive oil ( Fried courgettes in tomato sauce, onions, fresh mint and garlic.) 400 gr £ 8.00

Zeytinyagli Patlican (vg) – Aubergine in Olive Oil (Fried aubergines in tomato sauce, onions and garlic. ) 400 gr £ 8.00

Patlican Ezme (vg) – Aubergine Paste ( Roasted aubergine with garlic, vinegar, parsley, roasted red peppers and olive oil. ) 400 gr £ 8.00

Barbunya (vg) – Red Bean Meze ( Borlotti beans in a tomato sauce of onions, potato, carrots, parsley and cooked in olive oil. ) 400 gr £ 8.00

Pilaki (vg) – White Bean Meze ( Cannellini beans cooked in fresh tomato sauce with potato, carrots, parsley and olive oil. ) 400 gr £ 8.00

Taze Fasulye (vg) – Runner Bean Meze ( Green runner beans in a tomato sauce and onions cooked with olive oil ) 400 gr £ 8.00

Zeytinyagli Bezelye (vg) – Peas and Artichoke cooked in Olive Oil (Fresh peas, artichoke, fresh dill, onions and olive oil. ) 400 gr £ 8.00

Mantar Sote (vg) – Sauteed Mushrooms ( Mushrooms sautéed with onions and carrot in olive oil. ) 400 gr £8.00

Mantar Pilaki (vg) – Mushroom Meze  ( Mushrooms, tomato sauce, carrots, onions in olive oil. ) 400 gr £ 8.00

Saksuka (vg) – Fried Aubergine in Tomato (Fried aubergines, chilli tomato sauce and garlic ) 400 gr £ 8.00

Kabak Saksuka(vg) – Fried courgette in Tomato ( Fried aubergines, chilli tomato sauce and garlic  )  400 gr £ 8.00

Spiced Baby Potato Salad with peppers, red onion and cornichon. 400 gr £8.00

Seasonal Stews:

Chickpea stew with chorizo 1,2 kg for 4 people £20.00

Canellini bean stew with lamb or chicken 1,2 kg 4 people £20.00

Beef meatballs cooked with potato and carrots in rich tomato sauce 1,2 kg for 4 people £20.00

Root celeriac cooked with chicken thighs, potato, carrot and peppers in egg yolk – lemon juice sauce 1,2 kg 4 people £20.00

Marinated Chicken casseroled in rich tomato with field mushrooms, green bell peppers and spiced with oregano and red pepper. 1,2 kg 4 people £20.00

Aubergine cooked in oven with tender pieces of Lamb, peppers and tomato. 1,2 kg for 4 people £20.00

Barlotti beans cooked in olive oil with carrot and potato in rich tomato sauce  with carrot and potato in rich tomato sauce. 1,2 kg for 4 people £20.00

Green Beans cooked in olive oil with fresh tomato and peppers. 1,2 kg for 4 people £20.00

Stuffed Bell Peppers with beef mince meat, rice, tomato, onion and parsley.  1,2 kg for 4 people £ 20.00

Curried lentils with potato and spinach. 1,2 kg for 4 people £20.00

Red Lentil stew with grated carrots, rice, vermicelli cooked in tomato paste and dry mint sauce. 1,2 kg for 4 people £20.00

Aubergine and courgette stew cooked in rich tomato sauce with peppers and onion. 1,2 kg for 4 people £20.00

Note:Note: Our Menu Changes According To Seasonal Produce Availability And The Creativity Of Our Chef, So The Items Above May Not Be Available Every Season. We only cook with fresh and seasonal ingredients.

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