2018 Cooking Classes Gift Vouchers Cheshire, Stockport

Flavours of Anatolia & Middle Eastern food Cookery Courses and gift vouchers near Marple, Stockport, Manchester, North West.


Beginners‘ Turkish and East Mediterranean cookery classes with School of Food in Manchester,  North West of England. Learn to cook great food and charcoal barbecue classes in fun environment. Gift vouchers and certificates are available for special occasions, birthdays and wedding anniversaries.

Spaces available 2018 throughout the year.

Send a message to following mail box to book a place

buzzhols@gmail.com 0r send a text to 07544251443

Prices starts from £50.00 per person for group bookings more than 4 people for half day 4 hours course.

Minimum 4 people , Maximum 6 people.

Private courses also available one to one basis.  Treat your loved ones with our gift certificates and vouchers who loves to cook, give them to a  Turkish Kitchen Secrets, Mediterranean and Middle Eastern how to make tender charcoal barbecues and  cookery courses half day and full day gift vouchers and inspire them to explore their passion for good good.

Turkish and Middle Eastern Cooking Couses in Marple , Stockport Manchester

Turkish and Middle Eastern Cooking Courses in Marple, Stockport, Manchester


About the Course

Anatolian home cooking – Inspiration from Mum!

Join us for an action packed 3 hours full of regional Anatolian cuisine inspired by Turkish Mum’s home cooking dining culture in Anatolia.

Your chef for this half day course is Aslan Sag –  Aslan ( The Lion) is passionate about vegetarian dining and Anatolian street food, inspired by extensive travels across Anatolia.
You will learn how to create amazing flavours, blending herbs and spices and making dipping sauces and accompaniments.

The dishes cooked can either be cooked as vegetarian or meat dishes so this course is suitable for vegetarians or meat eaters alike*.

Dishes for the day may include:

Cold Starters

– “Patlican Ezme” ( Smokey aubergine dip with garlic and yoghurd )

– “Cacik” Anatolian Yoghurd dip with cucumber, dry mint and dill.

– Spiced Potato Salad with spring onion and cornichon

– “Cevizli Ezme” Walnut dip with pepper paste and cumin

– “Saka Suka” ( Fried aubergine in rich tomato sauce )

Warm Appetizer

– Borek ( Fillo pastry filled with spinach & Feta cheese)

– Sucuk ( Grilled garlic beef sausage )

Main Courses

– “Cracked Wheat” Bulgur Rice cooked with fresh tomato and bell peppers.

– “Fried aubergine, Courgette and Pepper slices with fresh tomato sauce.

– Nohut Yahni( Slow cooked lamb with chick peas)

– Mantarli Tavuk Sote ( Chicken saute with field mushrooms )

– Bulgur Pilavi ( cracked wheat pilaf )


– Kadayifi ( shredded wheat pastry with nuts and thick syrup )

– Tavuk Gogsu ( milk pudding with rice flour with touch of cinnamon)

– “Seftali Tatlisi” Oven baked fresh peaches in thick syrup served with cream and wallnuts.

A fun filled half a day full of stories from Aslan, amazing food and inspirational, sustainable cooking.
* (as long as vegetarians are happy with meat being cooked by other guests)

Aubergine Stew

Aubergine Stew

Turkish Cookery Courses in United Kingdom
Spiced Potato Salad

Stuffed Bell Peppers

Stuffed Bell Peppers


8 thoughts on “2018 Cooking Classes Gift Vouchers Cheshire, Stockport”

  1. melanie said:

    Hi I enjoy your blog. I live p/t in South west Turkey and this year organised a Turkish cooking holiday in Kabak , near Olu deniz. It is a pity I am now living in Hampshire,otherwise I would sign up for your cooking course. I wish you all the best and if you wish to link up to possibly be a teacher on a future cooking holiday in Turkey,let me know and perhaps we can work together.

    • Hi Melanie
      Thank you for your message… I am from Oludeniz and and I know Kabak very well.which company you travelled for cooking holiday in Kabak ??I would like to link up to be a teacher for cooking holidays in Turkey, I am sure we can find comon ground to work together. K Regards Aslan

  2. Hi Aslan,only just seen this message,sorry! I am linking up with a Turkish family in Kayakoy to do the cooking this October ,but maybe next time we can do something jointly. I am in England until early June so send me a message to nomadicturkishkitchen@hotmail.com and perhaps we can meet up before my return in London ?
    look forward to hearing from you,

  3. Hi Alslan ,please contact me re cooking holiday this year before I leave for Turkey,would be good to have a chat to see how we can work together in future.

    Mel Argent

  4. Ok that’s funny I go back to Turkey on 5th June…will probably cross you in the air! If you have another email that would be good. Mel

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