Simantio, Simantio, Over

We came, we swore, we sailed, we conquered.

Well not quite !

Always my dream, I booked on a whim

Didn’t really research it, was that quite dim?

A boat with a tiller, had I taken note?

What no wheel, my husband I quote

And so on board we leapt

Need to be tidy and very well kept

Space for storing, the difficult bit

Brought all kinds of everything, way too much kit

So along came Monday, a brief on the boat

Off to sea now you go, hey that’s no moat !

Thank God for James, our Skipper day one

Without him not sure what we’d have done

And so we battled to pull up the mainsail

Just pull harder, allegedly never fails

Stopped for a swim, lunch and a beer

Oh my goodness I like it here

Sailed to Meganisi and so to moor

Only ‘nearly’ hit the boat next door

Next day alone, a little bit daunting

The genoa in the wind was really flaunting

As for the mainsail it argued again

My husband’s language quite profane

Into Kalamos, a stern entry

Aslan perfected like sailing gentry

Off for a shower and a drink at sundown

Dinner at George’s best in town

Next stage a long one – 16 Nautical miles

Made it to Frikes, lovely day all smiles

Set up for rafting alongside the quay

A quick whack as our friends came in too quickly

Another sun dawned, a swim in a bay

This turned out to be our eventful day

Down with the anchor, probably a little late

Pull up the anchor said my lovely mate

Up it came, but bunched undetected

Next thing we know chain and windlass defected

Into the sea fell the anchor and chain

Off to the rocks we sailed, unable to restrain

Bring me the bread knife shouted my mate

Not sure if it was mine or the anchors fate

Vassia, Vassia We’ve lost the anchor I cried

These things happen Hector calmly replied

We set sail for Kioni – a very short hop

Had to keep going no anchor to stop !

A bows to mooring, we squeezed in the quay

Better option than long lines we thought selfishly

And so back across the channel to Sivotta we hopped

Fitted our new anchor that Hector had shopped

A night out at pirates for Matt’s 21st

A few bad heads next day, feeling the worst

And so it came to our final day

Had to wait for the storm to get out of the way

The wind had dropped, no sailing here

Just the engine and another beer

Into Nidri, our final mooring

Lazy lines, now a bit boring

A really big thanks to all our crew

Hector, Kit and Rohan too

You really helped these true beginners

And made us all feel like winners !

And to our shipmates one and all

Thanks so much we had a ball !!

Janet McNally June 2015

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IMG_3244_1024x683 IMG_3248_1024x683 IMG_3251_1024x683 IMG_3254_1024x683 IMG_3255_1024x683 IMG_3256_1024x683 IMG_3259_1024x683 IMG_3260_1024x683 IMG_3261_1024x683 IMG_3262_1024x683 IMG_3263_1024x683 IMG_3264_1024x683 IMG_3267_1024x683 IMG_3268_1024x683 IMG_3270_1024x683 IMG_3275_1024x683 IMG_3279_1024x683 IMG_3280_1024x683 IMG_3285_1024x683 IMG_3286_1024x683 IMG_3287_1024x683 IMG_3288_1024x683 IMG_3289_1024x683 IMG_3290_1024x683 IMG_3291_1024x683 IMG_3292_1024x683 IMG_3293_1024x683 IMG_3294_1024x683 IMG_3295_1024x683 IMG_3296_1024x683 IMG_3297_1024x683 IMG_3298_1024x683 IMG_3299_1024x683 IMG_3300_1024x683 IMG_3301_1024x683 IMG_3302_1024x683 IMG_3303_1024x683 IMG_3304_1024x683 IMG_3305_1024x683 IMG_3306_1024x683 IMG_3307_1024x683 IMG_3308_1024x683 IMG_3309_1024x683 IMG_3310_1024x683 IMG_3317_1024x683 IMG_3318_1024x683 IMG_3322_1024x683 IMG_3323_1024x683 IMG_3324_1024x683 IMG_3325_1024x683 IMG_3327_1024x683 IMG_3328_1024x683 IMG_3331_1024x683 IMG_3341_1024x683 IMG_3342_1024x683 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