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This is one of my favourite winter recipe. It has got it taste from also egg yolk and lemon sauce which we add at the end of cooking process.

Very healthy dish, balancing turkey meat with potato, carrot and celeriac vegetable mixture.

Here is step by step how to cook root celeriac with fresh Turkey meat. You can cook this dish with lamb meat as well but I prefer turkey meat which is very lean and also light meat to eat.

Celeriac with Turkey meat – Hindi Etli Kereviz

500 gr cubic size cut turkey meat, 3 carrot, 200 gr potato cut cubic size, 1 medium onion, 2 garlic cloves, 750 gr celeriac root

Peel the outside of celeriac with knife and cut half

then cut each half of the celeriac to 2cm slices then cut each slices to 2 cm cubic pieces

Then add the celeriac pieces in a deep cup and fill with water to prevent celeriac changing its colour…

then cut all the ingredients 2 cm cubic pieces

Saute turkey meat in 2 table spoon sun flower and 1 table spoonolive oil mixture about 10 minutes until you get rid of the meat juice.

then add chopped onions and garlic and saute 1 more minute

then add carrot and potato pieces and saute 5 more minutes

Drain the celeriac pieces.

add celeriac in the cooking pan and saute further 2 more minutes with other vegetables

add one water glass chicken stock and close the lid and cook for 20 – 30 more minutes until cleriac pieces get softer.

Celeriac with Turkey – Etli Kereviz

For the sauce , have one egg yolk and half a lemon juice and one table spoon corn flour and mix them well in a deep cup.

Then add this mixture to celeriac dish and mix well.

Add some chopped parsley in celeriac dish and GOOD APPETITE

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