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Walnut Dip is one of Turkish Classic meze and you can spread on a piece of toast and wolf it or you can eat with piece of savoury biscuit. It is very simple to prepare and there is no cooking process with this recipe. Here is step by step how to prepare walnut dip.

Cevizli Ezme – Walnut Dip

Cevizli Ezme – Walnut Dip

One table spoon tomato paste, one table spoon pepper paste, handfull of walnut and two cloves of garlic.

Make ready, One tea spoon cumin, one tea sppon, red pepper, one tea spoon black pepper

Mix all the ingredients: walnut, stale bread pieces, pepper, red pepper, cumin, garlic in mixer until blend well.

How to make Cevizli Ezme – Walnut Dip

Add tomato and pepper paste in the mix and blend very well until get smooth paste.

Add one lemon juice and also 3 table spoon olive oil and mix well again.

How to make Cevizli Ezme – Walnut Dip

Recipe for Cevizli Ezme – Walnut Dip



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