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If we eat the vegetables in its season then more tastier also more healthier. Aubergines are very ripe in middle of July and better eat now then winter time because they are grown in green houses with artificial heat sources.

Here is typical summer dish to cool you down also smokey aubergine taste is delicious.

Afiyet Olsun ( Bon Apetit )

Aubergine Dip – Patlican Ezme

Barbecue Aubergines on charcoal or in the oven

Barbecue Aubergines and Peppers on charcoal or in the oven until they burnt outside and cook well

Then peel the outside of the peppers and aubergines when they cool down

Then mesh aubergine and peppers together

Then add 450 gr Greek Yoghurd in meshed aubergine and peppers mix

Then add one crushed garlic in the mix

Then add half a lemon juice

Then add 2 table spoon virgin olive oil

Then add 2 tea spoon black pepper and red pepper and mix well

Aubergine Dip – Patlican Ezme

Aubergine Dip – Patlican Ezme



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