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Love this pastry from my childhood…So tasty, so healthy and so easy to make it. Thank you Mum for all the pictures explain so simply how to make it.

Lentil Pastry – Mercimekli Borek

Lentil Pastry – Mercimekli Borek

Add carrot and cook with onions

Add cooked green lentils

Add one full spoonful of tomato paste.

Then add the cooked lentils

Mix all the ingredients and Stir well

Have two eggs

Add 1/2 glass of olive oil in eggs and beat well

Add 1 spoonful black pepper and red pepper in lentil mix

Lightly Oil the base of pastry oven tray

Oil the pastry lighly

Oil the pastry sheet with oil and egg mix

Put one end of the cut pastry with 1 spoonful of lentil mix

Then roll it like a cigarette roll

Then lay on lentil rolls on a lightly oiled tray

Then brush with egg wash

Lentil Pastry – Mercimekli Borek



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