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This is very simple dish and cooked with 3 table spoon olive oil and totally healthy vegetarian dish all year round. Can be consumed warm and cold depends on your choice.

Here is the step by step cooking pictures.

Add three table spoon olive oil in a deep pan – Blackeye Bean Stew

Then add 1 chopped carrot and cook 4 minutes – Blackeye Bean Stew

Then add one medium size chopped onion – Blackeye Bean Stew

then add one chopped red pepper and two chopped cloves of garlic

Stir and cook all the vegetables 5 more minutes

Blackeye Bean Stew

Blackeye Bean

Add in the pan 350 gr washed Black eye bean which soaked in the water 24 hours.

Add 2 ripe copped tomatoes in the vegetables

Add also 1 table spoon pepper paste to give colour into stew

Then add washed and soaked and rinsed blackeye beans

Stir and cook the beans until they get soft, approximately 30-40 minutes with low gas fire.

Blackeye Bean Stew with carrot, tomato, garlic, pepper, onion. Good Apetite