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Turkish sunday food markets is disappering from our lives slowly slowly. The big supermarkets and internet age are changing the habit of shoppers, especially Turkish daily life style..This colorful and beautiful markets are lost in many big cities. I love visiting these markets whenever I visit my native country. These markets and stalls are usually was on sundays because of weekend and people have time to visit leisurely. They sell everything you name it, clothes, shoes,  fruits, vegetables, nuts, fish, meat whatever you need in your daily life, therefore looks so colorfull and also you have a chance to eat delicious street food made with fresh local produce. When I was 12 I was working in one of this stalls at weekends, thats how I stepped in my working life. We were not working there to make money we were working for experience and thats how I learned to haggle..I try to give you some idea with the pictures how good this old tradiationally built up mobile markets…and sad to see they are disappering from our fast life style which was helping to slow down us…

Turkish Markets