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In Mediterranean olives are harvested usually end of October after the first rain which gives them full texture.
If you pick the olives early then they are green color. If you leave a bit late then they turn to black color.

How to make edible olives: 4 Kilogram olives
Cut the raw olives horizontally from three different sides then add the olives in big jars and fill it up with water and change the water every other day until you get rid of bitter taste of olives.
Usually takes between 7 to 10 days. Drain the bitter olive water and make ready following brine.
Boil 5 liter water in a large container and add 4 tbsp rock salt 1 tbsp lemon salt in and dissolve it.
When the water is cooled down then add the brine on olives.
Your olives will be ready to eat between 15 to 20 days time. They usually last more then a year if you keep it in cool place.

Home made organic green olives