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The first coffee houses opened in Istanbul in the mid-16th century, coffee beans imported from Ottoman controlled Arabian countries.

So it has been with some bewilderment that we observe the re-invention in TURKEY under branded names ( Gloria Jeans, Nero, Starbucks).

A long handled copper pot called “cezve” is used to prepare the Turkish coffee.

Coffee just like grandma makes. It is traditional in Turkey that the fine art of coffee making is handed down from grandmother to teenage girls.

How to make good Turkish Coffee is a blend of good ground double roasted beans and patience.

Put a coffee cup full of cold water and add two full teaspoons of coffee per cup and another for the “cezve”

Stir it once , just to combine it, and put the cezve on the stove or gas cooker.

Do not stir any further but keep an eye on it. Keep the heat low and as soon as you feel that it’s getting to the boiling point , lift it a little away from the heat.

Coffee should be heated gently therefore needs a good patience. Let the foam rise but not boil and right before it pops.

it’s first bubble as the sign of a full boil, lift it further up and poor the creamy top part  into the cup and return the rest to the stove, let boil once again, slowly and add it to the cup and serve it with small

glass of water and Turkish delight.

Afiyet Olsun